Monday, October 18, 2010

Sharpshooter in Petticoats (Sophie's Daughters #3) by Mary Connealy

To begin with, let me say thanks to Net Galley for my ebook. I was having severe Mary Connealy withdrawal signs and symptoms. ;0)
I loved this last book of Sophie's Daughters! Each one has their own prayer (learned from their momma no doubt) that they repeat when in trouble and I love that too. I so wanted Mandy's husband to leave the picture somehow and couldn't wait to find out how Mandy got relieved of hom because we all know that God would've picked a better one for her and He did eventually. ;0)
As usual Mary starts, as opposed to ending, this story out with a cliffhanger which is part of the charm of Mary's writings for me. I can't really imagine how but, Mandy seemed to be in a much scarier place than either of her sisters, Beth or Sally. I guess because she's so isolated with her small children. Mandy Gray, now a rich widow with 3 young children, has holed herself up in Gray Tower-essentially a mansion atop a Rocky Mountain that her recently deceased husband built with his gold digging riches. It's kind of similar to her mother's story, in that they are both isolated and completely dependent on the land and God to get by with their small children. She has made enemies of the Cooter family however, by killing one of them, in self defense but, that doesn't matter to the Cooter clan.
Tom Linscott, a well-to-do cattle rancher himself, just can't seem to get Mandy off his mind. She needs rescuing off that mountain and....well....he's going to do it.......and then.......well.......he's going to marry her soon as he can talk her into it. He starts off literally climbing the cliff to Mandy's home and knows he'll have to kidnap her and her 3 children in order to get her off the mountain. Before they even get back to his ranch, he's got the children calling him 'Papa' and has completely endeared himself to them. Now all he has to do is convince Mandy that she needs another man and get rid of her enemies. Piece of cake, right?
Well, it's made for a great story, thanks to Mary Connealy. Put it on top of your TBR list ASAP.

I thought it odd that the cover didn't have Mandy in gray.....would've been more apropos but didn't detract from the book at all.

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