Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Bride Blunder by Kelly Eileen Hake

This book begins with two cousins in the mid 1800s Baltimore. They are both named Marguerite which came from their grandmother, hence the nicknames Daisy and Marge. Daisy is the debutante, while Marge is the proverbial down to earth, organized, girl next door. Daisy is into the social scene and all about marrying for all the right reasons- social standing and wealth. Marge has only been interested in one person and he moved away.
Gavin Miller is the mutual acquaintance that moved out to the Nebraska Territory who is now ready to start a family, so he sends a proposal letter. It's addressed to Marguerite and they both assume that the letter is for Marge as Gavin is on Daisy's wedding guest list and the invites have already been sent.
If hope sprang eternal, Marge had packed for it.When she’d prepared a list of things to bring, she’d thought long and hard about what she’d need for a lifetime in a small frontier town. What her family would need, and since she’d always been a big believer in being prepared for anything, the list took on a life of it's own.
Of course, as soon as she steps into view, Gavin knew what a mistake he'd made.
What happens after that? Gavin is the honorable type guy who doesn't back down from a handshake deal once it's made and soon he's reminded how much he liked Marge too.  But Marge doesn't want a 'pity invite' to her own wedding. She wants the real deal. Here's where the fun, heartbreak, and frustration begins.
While I really liked Bride Backfire's heat, Blunder was lukewarm. The main characters were more a part of the story rather than the story.  For myself, I would like to have seen more sparks between them. I really enjoyed reading the spiritual struggle of both Gavin and Marge as they try to walk in God's will.I loved Gavin's Aunt Ermintrude! Her spunkiness (is that a word?) and how she sees the truth in it all. The premise of a bride mix up is a good one and makes for some funny, some heartbreaking, and some frustrating moments. Hope you enjoy the read like I did.

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