Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Head in the Clouds by Karen Witemeyer

I've always loved reading, so the front cover of this sweet read definitely caught my eye. After all, I'd been accused of having my head in the clouds for....well, as long as I can remember holding a book. 
I finally get to take Head in the Clouds off my TBR list and move it to here! Sweet. Only now the story is over.....Is there such a thing as post-read remorse, like buyer's remorse? or post-read syndrome, like post traumatic stress? I know! It's Post-Read Stress Syndrome. It's signs begin with an urgent compulsion to read through an entire book in only one day despite one's other obligations (or perhaps because of). The incubation period only lasts as long as it takes to fill the urge's requirements, then the actual symptoms appear. They are a profound sense of sadness, a strong desire to dress in the historical period of the book that was read, and an immense sense of displaced reality (due to being back in the 21st century). Fortunately, this syndrome lasts but a short time. It will go into remission but will reappear with increasing regularity. Oh, back to the book review Deana....;0)

Adelaide, bless her heart, is a naive romantic. She impetuously quits her teaching job to move to Fort Worth where her book peddling gentleman friend lives-only to find out that charming her was how he sold the books to her. Now she was out of a job, had no where to live, and couldn't go back to her old job. As with most of us, now she decides to pray about it, right after she gives God a piece of her mind.
No answer echoed through the rafters or even whispered to her heart. God didn't seem to be on speaking terms with her at the moment, and she had no idea why.
I know, sounds all too familiar for me too...God please get me out of this pickle I've gotten myself into....and now! In the local newspaper, Adelaide finds an ad for a governess position and applies for that.

Gideon Westcott, a wealthy Brit's son has moved across the pond and planted himself in the middle of cattle country with plans to be a successful sheep herder in order to win his father's approval. What he hadn't planned on was becoming a parent on the trip over....and the adorable little tyke hasn't spoken since her mother's death. He needs a governess who can help Bella. He didn't foresee what was coming next but he wanted God and Bella to lead him to the right governess.

Some of Adelaide's favorite authors? Why mine, of course! God, Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. Karen, how you wove scripture, Mr. Darcy, and Mr. Rochester into a western riddled with humor, I'll never know but I loved it!!

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