Monday, August 1, 2011

Textured Toque
(I obtained this pattern when I bought yarn at Sophie's Fine Yarn Shoppe in Louisville, Ky. on Shelbyville Rd. I have attempted to reach them on  to find out whom to give credit for the pattern but to no avail.)

Materials: 1 Skein Malabrigo Wool (216 yds- worsted weight yarn) I used Araucania Toconao Multy
Size 7-16” circular needle or size to obtain gauge
Size 7 dpns
Tapestry Needle

Gauge: 5 sts/in
Stockinette St: Knit all sts
Garter St: Purl one rnd, Knit one rnd, repeat
Seed St: Knit the Purls, Purl the Knits

Not the best pic of me for sure,
but it's not about me, it's about the hat.:)

Abbreviations: I’m using standard abbreviations that can be found on any Knitting site. My favorite is .

Notes that I have added to the original pattern are in blue. I also added punctuation and abbreviations. I wanted a more slouchy look, did extra rows and have noted where I did them.

I have to say that I did not like the look of the increase that I used-yo. It, of course, left a hole and looked like I’d made a mistake. Since then, I’ve seen on other patterns an increase that doesn’t make an obvious hole. This pattern leaves the choice up to you. has many increases to choose from if you need help with that.

CO 95 sts, pm and join in the round.
Knit 12 rnds.                              I did 14 rnds.
Knit one rnd, increasing 4 sts evenly.99 sts.
Work 8 rnds in Garter St.         I did 10 rnds.
Knit 10 rnds Stockinette.          I did 12 rnds.
Work 9 rnds in Seed St.           I did 10 rnds.
Knit 10 rnds Stockinette.

Decrease for Crown:
K2tog, K7, repeat around.  88 sts, Knit one rnd.
K2tog, K6, repeat around.  77 sts. Knit one rnd.
K2tog, K5, repeat around.  66 sts. Knit one rnd.
K2tog, K4, repeat around.  55 sts. Knit one rnd.
K2tog, K3, repeat around.  44 sts. Knit one rnd.
K2tog, K2, repeat around.  33 sts. Knit one rnd.
K2tog, K1, repeat around.  22 sts. Knit one rnd.
Cut yarn and pull through remaining sts, Weave in yarn end.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

My First Posted Pattern Design--Owlie Bib

This is my 1st attempt at posting my own design. Wish I knew how to text wrap here. It's inspired by Teresa Cole on and her blog at She designed the Owlie Sleep Sack (as shown on the left in the 3rd pic) and the Owlie Hat (just above the Sleep Sack). I had yarn left over, so I made a smaller hat using 1 less 'owl repeat'. Hope that makes sense. The 4th item is the Owl Mini Washcloth on Ravelry, also inspired by Teresa Cole but designed by Jodi Baldwin.Well, I had more yarn left over, so what's a yarnie to do but knit more, right? I started out making what I thought was going to be a full sized washcloth but if you're making a set you need a bib, right? Well, here it is.

Yarn-I Love This Cotton Banana is what I used.
Needles- US7 straight and dpns for the I-cord, also a cable needle.
Button- I used a 1 1/2".
Abbreviations-I used only standard abbreviations that can be seen on .

Owlie Bib

CO 36.
Seed stitch for 11 rows. There is a 10 St Seed Stitch border on each side throughout, simply use the previous row as your guide, so you can concentrate on the owl in the middle.
Row 12- Seed St border, K16, Seed St border.
Row 13- Seed St border, P16, Seed St border.
Row 14- Repeat Row 12.
Row 15- Repeat Row 13.
Row 16- Repeat Row 12.
Row 17- Repeat Row 13. Now the Owlie begins.
Row 1- Seed St border, K1, P3, C4B, C4F, P3, K1, Seed St border. (Owlie’s feet) ;)
Row 2- Seed St border, P1, K3, P8, K3, P1, Seed St border.
Row 3- Seed St border, K1, P3, K8, P3, K1, Seed St border.
Row 4- Repeat Row 2. (Row 21)
Row 5- Repeat Row 3. (Row 22)
Row 6- Repeat Row 2. (Row 23)
Row 7- Repeat Row 3. (Row 24)
Row 8- Repeat Row 2. (Row 25)
Row 9- Repeat Row 3. (Row 26)
Row 10- Seed St border, K1, P3, C4B, C4F, P3, K1, Seed St border. (Owlie’s cheeks)
Row 11- Repeat Row 2. (Row 28)
Row 12- Repeat Row 3. (Row 29)
Row 13- Repeat Row 2. (Row 30)
Row 14- Repeat Row 3. (Row 31)
Row 15- Seed St border, K1, P3, C4B, C4F, P3, K1, Seed St border. (Owlie’s ‘ears) Ends on RS
Row 33- Repeat Row 12.
Row 34- Repeat Row 13.
Row 35- Repeat Row 12.
Row 36- Repeat Row 13.
Row 37- Seed Stitch for 11 rows. (Starts on WS.)
Row 49- BO 26, leaving 10 sts, continue in pattern to end of row. Now the neck starts.

Right Side Neck
Rows 50-55- Work in Seed St pattern, ending on RS.
Row 56- K2tog, continue in pattern to last 2 sts, P2tog, (8sts)
Row 57- Repeat Row 56 (6sts). Move sts to dpns.
Join. Make i-cord 5-6” long. PM at beginning of the row and continue to SM with each row if you need to in order not to twist i-cord.

Left Side Neck
Row 1- kfb 1st st, then begin Seed St across, pfb last stitch. (8sts)
Row 2- Repeat Row 1. (10sts)
Row 3-8- Seed Stitch across.

Right Side of Buttonhole (Buttonhole is vertical on work)
Row 9 (Right)-Seed Stitch for 5sts. You can either keep the Left Side stitches on the needle and just not work them or move them over to a stitch holder.
Row 10-13 (Right)-Repeat Row 9. This will have you ‘ending’ in the middle of the work. (5sts)

Left Side of Buttonhole

Row 9 Left- Using yarn end from the other end of your skein (the outside end), Seed Stitch 5sts. You can either keep the Right Side of Buttonhole stitches on the needle or move them to a stitch holder.
Row 10-12 Left- Seed Stitch across 5 sts. You will have ‘ended’ in the middle of the buttonhole again. Cut yarn from outside end of skein, leaving a tail to work in.

Buttonhole finish

Row 13- Continue Seed stitch across from Right Side of buttonhole to Left Side, thus joining the two sides and ending the buttonhole. (10 sts)
Row 14-18- Seed Stitch across.
BO and weave in ends.

Attach Button. I used 1 ½ “ button.

Lastly, if you find any errata or have Qs, feel free to contact me.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Lady in the Mist by Laurie Alice Eakes

I have been a nurse for 30 years now and loved my time as a labor and delivery nurse. I've only known of one other midwife novel which is sad, very sad. Another reason I had to try out Laurie Alice Eakes' wares is that I love historical romances....Tabitha Eckles comes from a long line of midwives so, I had to read this book, just had to.

I was not dissappointed either. One of my most favorite eras in history is Early American which absolutely forced me to read this one day. There is much goings on in Tabitha's port town and in this story as well. Spiritual struggle, murder, spies, just to name a few. But don't let me lead you astray, this is a great book for teens!

The main educational method for history for thousands of years is the telling of stories and the research that went into this book is what made it so good for me. This book does not disappoint. Enjoy!

The Choice (Lancaster County Secrets #1) by Suzanne Woods Fisher

The Choice is the first book of the Lancaster County Secrets (#2 is The Waiting, #3 is The Search-yeah I know out of order again, seems like I can't go in order, can I? Well, that's 'how I roll' apparantly. heehee)

Our lovestruck heroine Carrie Weaver, has plans to basically run away with her amour, charismatic Solomon but, as Providence would have it, there is a death in the family just before they are to leave. Carrie is faced with many life choices, as we all are, and the consequences of them are weighty, as in our own.

This is a great teen read, simply because the teen years are such an critical time for life choices. Do I go to college or a trade school? Do I stay at home or move out? What do I believe about God? My family needs this but I need that.....What seems like an unassuming choice can have devastating or fantastic consequences and life has many of those same unassuming choices to deal with.

As a nurse, I liked the subplot of Carrie's hemophiliac little bruder Andy. As a descendant of German immigrants, I'll always enjoy the Amish language inserts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Welcome to 'Inside Pages', Moody Publishers' new blog

If you know me, you know I love givaways, so I'm escited to announce one. Here's the site for the newest Moody Publishers blog. they are also having daily giveaways until January 29th. check them out at

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Search (Lancaster County Secrets #3) by Suzanne Woods Fisher

I haven't read an Amish book for many years, mainly because I'd let life get in the way of my reading obsession for a bit, so when I had the opportunity to try out an author that's new to me, Suzanne Woods Fisher, I jumped on it. My own protestant beliefs parallel the Amish beliefs of family, order, and living a life for God in everything we do, so I enjoy learning more about their lives and beliefs. Thanks for the copy Revell Publishing but this opinion is my own.

This is really a 2-in-1 story about two young ladies from seemingly different worlds but they share a connection. I liked to see the characters themselves, and those around them, grow spiritually as they discover the secrets and connection that each have. Bess is a young teen, while Lainey is in her early 20's. This book is perfect for a young teen (or even a tween if reading is her obsession). The Search will help broaden a teen's perspective on family dynamics, forgiveness and healing, especially if the discussion questions in the back are used.

I especially liked Bertha Riehl or Bess' Mammi. I come from a Germanic heritage also and what is seen by so many to be a crusty, conniving old lady is actually the wise, loving gem in the bunch--kind of like a hearty loaf of bread with a heavy crust. is a trailer for the book.
Available January 2011 at your favorite bookseller from Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group.

Surrender the Night by MaryLu Tyndall

Have you ever seen a person for whom it seems that things always go against them? They're beaten down by events or people. Don't you just love it when justice is served and the character begins to lean on God? It's a passion of mine and I have spent much time with God telling Him how it should be done, too. Thankfully, He worked on me and I now have a passion for watching Him do the avenging and watching people overcome. He is sooo much better at it than I "could ask or imagine". I love a good under dog story and this is one.

The main characters in this book have been injured by others, their families and life in general, all during the War of 1812. We see a few of the characters from Surrender the Heart, the first book in the Surrender to Destiny series, which I also like. It's like catching up with an old friend. Both the Surrender to Destiny books would make great movies in my mind....if only I knew someone who could get that done, hmm. I even have actors and actresses picked out (chuckle).

Another thing I really liked about this book was the history. I love history but American history is my fave. To see people trying to carve out a life during those 'rustic' (spoken with a British air followed by a *sniff*) times without the conveniences of today gives me a much better feeling for how our forefathers felt about this country and the decisions they made. I was already a fan and very humbled by our forefathers and am more so after reading Surrender the Night, especially for the women of the time.

The adventure element of these books remind me of 'Captain Blood' with Errol Flynn for the Surrender the Heart book and 'National Treasure" with Nicholas Cage for this book. Loved it, folks. Can't say it enough.

I like reading romances that are a bit edgy and a bit spicy without revealing too much. It's a tall order, I know. I can't even begin to imagine how a writer goes about deciding on how much is too much... or too little for that matter. Also, so much of that decision must be based on the demand of the reader as it is the driving force behind sales. I say all this only to say, that I lament STN wasn't a bit spicier.

This book will be released on March 1, 2011. Look for it.
Thanks NetGalley for my ebook version but this is my opinion.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Surrender the Heart by MaryLu Tyndall

OK, any book that makes me stay up til 0500 is a good book.

I. Am. NOT. A. Night. Owl. This point cannot be overstated.

This story is full of twists and turns, a hint of a spiritual attack, just when you think it's all over for Marianne, another chapter (maddeningly) takes you off to another adventure- one with Noah. He could be my new, what adjective to put here?

I love American history, Errol Flynn (Captain Blood), and you, too MaryLu Tyndall!

I have a confession to make. With the holidays, a sick child, and working extra shifts, I'd forgotten to post my review. I realized it when I sat down to review Surrender the Heart's sequel, Surrender the Night, which is also and amazing account of our forefather's courage during the War of 1812. So I picked it up thinking I'll skim through to refresh my memory-no chance- I ended up reading it cover to cover again--and so will you.This book had me crying, giggling, and heart thump-th-thumping. If I were to add anything to this book, it would've been more romance, without giving out a spoiler, at the end.

If the real battles of our War of Independence or War of 1812 were anything like the battles in this book then, I am in even more awe of our awesome country's founders .....and I am always in awe of their courage and what they sacrificed. We all have a reason for being on this planet, our only charge is to allow God to tell us what that is and then have the courage to carry it out...'for such a time as this.'

Thanks to NetGalley for my ecopy but remember, this review is mine alone.