Monday, October 25, 2010

You Changed My Life by Max Lucado from Booksneeze

Thanks to Booksneeze for sending me a copy of this pretty little book. My review is just that though, mine. As gift books go, this is a good one. It takes Chicken Soup for the Soul type stories and adds in the Bible verse that corresponds to it. However, as gift books go, well, I'm too practical for them, I guess. They become dust collectors in my house and there is enough of that already. Unless, I had a completely life altering event happen, then I'd be happy to give this particular book to someone. It's a great little hardback with glossy paper and a nice dust cover but the best part are the Bible references added. I'd be finding the story that hits me just right and making a little note to the person that affected me so on that page...just to make it more personal.

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