Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman

I like to collect patterns about as much as I like to collect pretty yarns, pretty beads, pretty paper, well pretty anything really, so I couldn't believe my luck when Rodale Books offered the digital version of Brave New Knits through NetGalley for reviewers. I'm thinking "teehee, it's sooo good to do reviews! Yum, yum, another good treat." More on that later.

The Brave part of the title is that it has a short bio on several of's pioneers and then an original pattern from each designer. They were ahead of their time in that they had the foresight to use modern technology of the web with the ancient fiberart. Very smart ladies, I'd say. This part of Brave New Knits was a very enjoyable read. So now, I wanted to go back through and take a gander at the actual patterns that were offered........

But little did I realize that the ebook version that I was sent would be laid out the way it is. It's basically a draft of the book, uncorrected in soooo many ways. NetGalley goofed in sending out a draft, it's not easy to present a book review when the copy given to you is not a review copy (a finished copy of a book) and it doesn't properly serve the purpose of having a book reviewed in order to entice folks to buy it either. In fact I've not been able to actually review any of the patterns. There are no photos of any of the items near the area of it's pattern, so if you want to see what the item looks like, you have to write down what page you're reading, hunt through the back of the book, where the pictures are, then flip back to where the pattern is. Remember, I'm just reading a draft, not trying to follow an actual pattern. When you do get to the pictures they were blurred!  I'm positive that the finished product will have the pics with it's corresponding pattern and that they'll be great in detail but my copy is definitely not finished.

My only disappointment with the actual book is the sizes offered within the patterns.....only some of the patterns have sizing for large folks. I wish that all patterns would be presented for any wearer. Now, I have heartburn...I really don't like doing a non-positive review. This review is of the draft copy that NetGalley sent to me, not the book that will end up in the stores.

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  1. Deana,

    While I would not ordinarily respond to an unfavorable review of my book Brave New Knits (because everyone is entitled to her own opinion), I take exception when a negative review is written by someone who has not seen the actual book, but instead based her review on an uncorrected proof.

    As a knitter and frequent reviewer, surely you are aware that an uncorrected proof is completely unreliable and usually contains multiple errors, and that a "review copy" is what you should have used as the basis for your critique. Had you seen the actual book, you would know that your review is wildly inaccurate, and misrepresents much of the book's content.

    In both review copies and in the actual book, there are full-color, full-page photos on the same pages as the patterns they represent. And, of course, in the actual book those photographs are sharp and detailed - not at all blurry as you describe them.

    In terms of sizing, it would have been fair of you to note that half of the book's projects are accessories, in which sizing is rarely an issue (although the hats, socks, and mitts are all offered in more than one size). Of the book's 12 adult-sized garment projects, fully half of them range in size up to a 50" bust or larger, and several others go up to at least a bust size 44". Given that this is not a book that specifically targets the plus-sized knitter (such as the Big Girl Knits series) but rather is designed to appeal to a broad range within the knitters' community, your criticism that the book does not cater to "obese" (your word, not mine) knitters is irresponsible, unfair, and biased.

    I am especially disappointed that you chose to post your inaccurate review on Amazon, and would appreciate it if you will either update it to reflect the actual material contained in the book, or take the review down.
    Julie Turjoman