Friday, November 5, 2010

The Crocheted Prayer Shawl Companion by Janet Bristow & Victoria Cole

This is the first of the Prayer Shawl books that I've delved into and I really liked the concept from the beginning. I crochet and knit preemie hats and blankets for my hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit among other ministry items. I just simply haven't gotten to making shawls...until now.
This book is well laid out with excellent photos of the finished items interspersed with ideas on how to bless others with a shawl.

My favorite part of the patterns is that the yarns are easily found or substituted. Why is this my favorite? What a boring reason, right? Because I live in an area that is yarn say the least. Most yarns in patterns that I like are simply not to be found locally, and by locally, I mean over an hour radius! Because the nature of yarn is to be touched, I have yet to order yarn online without already having touched it first. I've only ordered online because the store told me they'd not get any more or the website had a color that the store didn't carry.

My next favorite part of Prayer Shawl Companion is that the patterns are simple enough that my yarnie students could make any of these shawls and yet I can make the same shawl and not get bored by it. I've just simply added beads to mine and *POOF*, I have a fun project that also feeds my soul.

Now all I need is to find enough time to make each pattern for our church's Interfaith Hospitality Network. It's a network of area churches that take turns housing homeless families for a week. I love the thought that's gone into each pattern and it's symbolism is amazing also.

Thanks to Taunton Press for providing me this great eBook. I was a bit skeptical of an ebook version for crochet but I've enjoyed this version.

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