Saturday, September 4, 2010

Doctor in Petticoats(Sophie's Daughters) by Mary Connealy

You know how when a good book ends, you're a bit miffed that it ended when it did? Or you just wanted to know a bit more about these people's lives before it ends? Or 'So where did they end up living'? Well, that seems to be the feeling I get with every book I've read of Mary's! So darn frustrating that the story ends at all, never mind where it ends. I know every character in Mary's books as if they're my neighbors. Beth McClellan is a character close to my heart as I'm the only one in my generation (and only the second in my family) to graduate from college. My mother was a family pioneer of sorts-like Sophie McClellan and I, like her daughter, Beth, am a nurse who wants to take health care back home to give aid where needed. She finds herself giving aid to those around her, before she even gets home, at a stage coach accident. Who does she find to take care of but, Alex Buchanen, an army doctor who's deserted and  has PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)-well, that's what's called nowadays. It used to be called shell shocked in my parent's time and who knows if it even had a name in the 1880's? This book has lots of adventure, praying, and laughs, too. Could it get any better than that? Not if you want a light read that you just can't put down.

What kills me is that this book is the first of a series and the 3rd isn't out yet! I have to get this review done because I have Sophie's Daughter's waiting on me..... there's a gunfight, a broken leg to tend to and Mandy's due for her 3rd child any day! I've gotta go folks...


  1. Nice review!

    Angie from did a guest review of Doctor in Petticoats on my own site here:


  2. lol, Angie is one of my best friends and my neighbor too! I'm seeing tiny wooden people singing,'It's a small world....."
    She's great! Thanks for posting.