Sunday, August 22, 2010

From a Distance (Timber Ridge Reflections, Book1) by Tamera Alexander
 Well, this was an interesting ride for sure. Antebellum Washington DC, Colorado, Franklin, TN--this heroine gets around! This story starts with Elizabeth on the precipice of a cliff and almost ends there too! It's full of adventure, intrigue, and danger with a smattering of flirting mixed in too. I liked that the characters all evolve, as time goes by, in their walk with God. Each one carries their own emotional baggage around with them (as we all do) allowing the baggage to influence their feelings, thoughts, and then actions. But like us, the characters have to deal with 'all that junk.' This book also takes so many hot topics and through the characters, deals with them through God's eyes--war, bigotry, prejudices against black people, country people, city people, poor, rich, etc.
As I'm am American History junkie, I have to love the explanations of the battles, the Maroon Bells, the Whitworth rifle, and of course, corsets. Why corsets intrigue me I have no idea.

As my 'ratings' system is evolving, here goes:
1 to 5 stars (with 1 being the worst and 5 the best of the best).

5 stars for story depth-especially for the American History junkie in me. Again, why I'm intrigued by corsets?

3 stars for the 'heat factor'- I would like to have seen a bit more in that department. I was moved to tears during many fireside talks and other moments when Daniel or Josiah were sharing their life experiences though.

4 stars for the 'God factor'- One of the 3 main characters was usually having a conversation  with Him or argument with Him or attitude adjustment by HIm at most anytime in the story and I gotta love that.

Now, I've read 2 books in two days. What's up with that you say?
Sinus Infection + Asthma bout = lots of books. I'm milking it too.  l0)

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