Thursday, October 14, 2010

Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld

I have yet to try the recipes but Jessica tells you exactly how to set up your pantry, what kitchen tools are needed, and how to deceive those picky eaters, I mean, hide the good stuff in that unhealthy stuff your kids likes, I mean, cook the foods that your family loves. It's based on adding fruit and vegetable purees to your kid's favorite recipes.
For a frustrated 'manager of my home', this might just be the shot in the arm that I need. Fortunately for me, the book is set up just how you'd need it to be, in order to get started. It's also an easy read, which was more encouragement for me, too. I like the idea and can't wait to get started on my family(evil grin), I mean, cooking tasty enjoyable meals for my most loved ones.


  1. You know those conversations where moms are talking about their picky eater? It usually ends with them telling me that they'll pray for my and my daughter! I'm so trying these recipes...

  2. Hey Deana! This is exactly what I need for Sophia! She is only 16 months so I guess it is expected that she would be a picky eater. I am already learning very fast though how to be deceptive in the kitchen with my little one. Thanks for posting this book..guess I'm heading to Barnes:)

  3. Enjoy it, I am. thanks for posting too!