Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Goodness Gracious Green by Judy Christie
As I live in a small southern city, I am always intrigued to learn what an author might write about my little part of the world. Will they portray all southerners to be uneducated, unshod and poor or ‘socially educated’ (in the ways of ‘all things polite’) or as they really are? Me? I’m highly educated, love shoes, middle class and hopefully ‘socially educated’, too, really. LOL

Lois, the main character, hails from Ohio and moves to Louisiana to run a small town newspaper. The story begins after she’s spent just enough time in the Deep South to decide to stay. Then things start happening…
I look for 3 main factors when enjoying a book. Does the story have depth or can I tell you what’s coming next? Will the character’s relationship with God inspire me? What’s the temperature of the romance?

Goodness Gracious Green is a great story! I really had no idea what would happen next and I have to love that-keeps me glued to my seat and the book, you know? What would be next, after the fires, the vandalism? And how about that hot topic—all those Mexicans getting across our borders? How do you deal with them? It wasn’t too heavy either. I don’t want to read a political expose’ during a romance novel. At the beginning of each chapter is a snippet from our fictional newspaper, which is a great touch, and I loved each one!
Although the characters are church going folks and talk about praying more and did pray, I don’t see Lois as a character that would inspire me per se’, although I shared her fears and struggles. It was a story about living out our convictions as Christians. She has to stand up for justice despite potential consequences on more than one occasion and I love that.
This was a light romance for sure and that was ok for me. I’ve read a few heavy titles recently and needed a light read. The ‘heat factor’ was friendly, not even lukewarm really. The romance took a backseat to the real story, which again, was riveting.
If you’re looking for a light read that keeps you riveted, Goodness Gracious Green will do just that.

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